Bid Bonds

To ensure that you submit serious offers, tenders often call for up-front cash deposits or irrevocable guarantees. With our bid guarantee, you can establish your credibility without tying up your cash.

Performance Bonds

As a Successful bidder, you’ll require a performance guarantee for a percentage of the contract amount. InvesteQ Capital ensures that you can meet your contract requirements and assures your client of your ability to perform.

Advance Payment Guarantees

If you require an advance payment from your client, an InvesteQ Capital guarantee assures your client that their advance will be repaid by InvesteQ Capital if you fail to meet your contractual obligations.

Factoring and Invoice Discounting

Having challenges due to pending invoices? Don’t run out of operating capital because of creditors. InvesteQ Capital can buy your unpaid invoices through factoring or invoice discounting.
InvesteQ Capital will manage your sales ledger and collect money owed by your customers themselves.
Invoice Discounting
InvesteQ Capital will lend you money against your unpaid invoices.

Logbook Loans

Through InvesteQ Capital, you can get that urgent loan by using your car as security by providing your logbook. To find out more, fill in the form and we will get in touch with you.

Bank Guarantees

The InvesteQ Capital personalized service will ensure you receive a bank guarantee in the quickest time possible from one of our numerous partner banks.


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