Investeq Capital is involved in training and consulting work in both the financial services and SME sectors

Sample Assignment Experience

Capacity Building in the Financial Services Sector - Africa

Investeq has conducted trade finance/ trade sales training under the IFC GTFP program across 27 African countries over the last 7 years.

Our training courses for financial institutions include:

  • In-house courses - courses designed specifically for individual financial institutions based on specific needs.
  • Course delivery is accomplished through a mix of lecture, discussions and a heavy focus on case studies developed from real transactions that have been handled by financial institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Specific courses include:
    • Trade Finance - Front office (structuring, product development and selling).
    • Trade Finance - Back office / Operations
    • Treasury
    • Credit & Risk
  • Finance of International Trade - InvesteQ Capital is the East Africa partner for this course through a partnership with the eBSI International and Institute of Export, UK.

Consulting for Financial Institutions - Sample Assignment Experience

  • Feasibility study and development of policy and operational guidelines for the establishment of a trade finance department for an African development bank.
  • Development of an Action Plan for supporting Invoice Discounting & Local Purchase Order Financing for an East African commercial bank.
  • Working in partnership with the IFC, training different banks on back office operations and to assist the central bank of a West African country to create a stand-alone trade finance department.

SME Sector

Investeq Capital is involved in developing SMEs as candidates for both short and long term funding comprising both debt and equity capital. Specific services / sample experience in the SME sector category include:

Training on all aspects of business planning, business management and financial management

  • Assessment of business plans
  • Management of business plan competitions
  • Matchmaking services between entrepreneurs and investors
  • Consulting - research and feasibility studies in the SME sector.

One of Investeq Capital's partners in this regard is Bid Network. Through this partnership, InvesteQ Capital has access to an online business planning tool for use by SMEs and training material where course focus on preparing SMEs to access funding.

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